HealthcarePanel.org is a nationwide sample and online data collection organization that specializes in healthcare market research.  We provide access to healthcare professionals for all your custom research needs.

In addition to physicians, our panel includes a variety of healthcare professionals such as veterinarians, nurses, dentists, eye specialists, and much more.  We verify every panel member through the AMA or other verification sources to ensure our members are healthcare professionals.

We invite you to view our panel counts or request an instant quote.  We are confident that we can assist you with your project at the lowest prices and the quality you expect!

How it Works

You provide us with:

  • Sample Frame - Target sample specifications and quotas.
  • Targeted List - List of healthcare professionals
  • Questionnaire - Electronic questionnaire to be programmed or the URL of an online survey.
  • Tab Plan - Used as a map for data tabulations.

We provide you with:

  • Match your targeted list to our panel to ensure highest possible response rate
  • Available sample based on the sample frame, list and incidence provided.
  • Program and QA an online survey using your questionnaire.
  • Online reporting so you can monitor survey progress.
  • Invite the healthcare professionals to take the online survey including reminders if necessary.
  • Send incentives to healthcare professionals for completing the survey.
  • Data tabulations based on your tab plan and/or data file in a variety of formats.

Healthcare Professionals

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